Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yule Have a Happy Solstice

We went to see the Christmas Ships down at Willamette Park this evening. We walked out on a boat launching pier on a chilly night and waited for just under a dozen boats decked in Christmas lights to cruise by. In lights, Santa was surfing and scuba diving and paddling a canoe (depending on which boat you were looking at). Some of these were animated and all were well done. It was the final night of the 50th anniversary edition of the Christmas Ships in Portland. We were happy to celebrate their and our good fortune.

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ladybug said...

I must agree, it sure was fun! It wasn't too cold, just a little nippy. The last boat was decorated like a fire truck, and it came around and honked it's horn and got the crowd reved up! Next year I'd like to do dinner at one of the sponsoring restaurants or maybe a dinner cruise...but seeing them for free at Willamette Park was fun too.
Perhaps a new tailgate tradition will be born!