Thursday, December 30, 2004

More Private American Donations Needed

Tsunami Aid

Australia is sending US$47 million with more to come. Australia has 20 million people (according to the CIA Fact Book).

Australia: $2.35 / person

The United States is sending US$35 million with more to come. The USA has 293 million people (according to the CIA Fact Book).

United States: $0.12 / person

While I am sure the US government will come through with more money than Australia, I think it is important that we show we care privately and individually.

CNN has a list of aid sites. Please pick one and send whatever you can NOW. Besides, whatever you send before December 31 is tax deductible for the current tax year. Sounds like a plan to me.

Sorry to obsess about the tsunami, but the death toll is higher than 40 September 11ths and the survivors need the help now.

Update: U.S. Boosts Tsunami Aid Tenfold to $350M. That brings us up to $1.19, but every bit of private help is still needed. Thanks. Happy New Year!


Vulgarius said...

Thanks for reserving the top slot for this. I'm hearing a lot of good things about big corporations as well as small outfits like your website. I'm hearing about a lot of matching campaign rallies and outright donations. Folks should remember that cash is most important and can be directly converted to the most available and efficient medicines, services and food items nearer to the disaster.

Thanks to all

Have a happy new year.

Vulgarius said...

To anyone who views this website and has any questions as to the yet unrealized magnitude of this catastrophe you can see in these pictures. Much more will be needed or many many more will die.

Vulgarius said...

One last thing before I get out of here.

A big thanks to the countries and their sailors and ships that are steaming into the area. Most people may not realize that each ship is able to produce thousands of gallons of pure safe drinking water per day. In some cases this is up to the tens of thousands of gallons per ship. Some of the ships will be able to provide electricity to onshore facilities and are also capable of providing high quality medical facilities. Even so its still not enough. These folks will be very busy.