Monday, December 13, 2004

Look, D'ya Want Us to Do Our Job, or What???

From the continuing saga of the brilliance with which the War on Terror has been carried out by the bureaucrats running the Pentagon, we have another beaut. First they forced our hard-pressed troops to scavenge wrecks and landfills for parts in order to carry out their missions. Now they're arresting them for doing so.

The linked article goes on to mention that the members of that convoy that refused to carry out their mission orders some months ago on account of having substandard equipment were treated far better than these Guardsment that took parts from abandoned vehicles so they could carry out their mission orders. I guess mutiny is considered more commendable than resourcefulness.

Chivalry may be dead, but loyalty is being slowly tortured.


Don Snabulus said...

Maybe they should send the prosecution team to Iraq so some of the kids who've been there for over a year can come home.

Vulgarius said...

Had the commander reported commandeering the vehicles instead of removing the identification and strippng them of parts, they would have recieved slap on the wrist and a chuckle. Maybe even a commendation. By not reporting the use of the vehicles which would otherwise be truly legitimized, they chose to conceal the actions by removing id (should be the key phrase here) from the vehicles...doesnt this sound strange to you? Take it from a former "Peterson" who scrounged many many things in my 20 years... There is a fine line between scrounging and black marketing. If this is as innocent as the press makes it sound, someone else who had nothing to do with the incident would get court marshalled when someone checks his property books and asks him why those vehicles are not on his or her property books. They may have screwed someone else out of their freedom and career by this so called innocent mistake.

PS. The soldiers who refused to take that mission were well within their rights to do so. The Army actually frowns on throwing soldiers lives away on suicide missions and has a protocol for disobeying such unlawfull orders such as suicide and as you heard will not prosecute them. I was threatened with the same thing in a similar situation long ago.

Don Snabulus said...

Yeah, it sounds like something weird was going on there. Filing off Vehicle IDs is not kosher. Nonetheless, in a war zone I think a much greater latitude is called for. The unfortunate truth is that the grunts tend to take the fall for the bad planning of the officers so as to shield the people above from blame. It is a condition of heirarchical systems.

Nobody should be asked to go on a suicide mission although one can always ask for volunteers for the real bad stuff and find people willing to help if the reason is right.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'm curious to know what that situation was that you faced, Vulgarius. If protocol allows you to do so, please elaborate.

Vulgarius said...

If you do not mind a vague description. Many years ago I was ordered into an "area" where there was a specific high probability of lethal violence. No problem normally....except that I was given a weapon without ammunition....and told to walk around in the open. Despite the string of epithets and threats of court martial etc. Needless to say, I politely refused. Due to the lack of media coverage, only the sound of crickets could be heard from those powers above. Its unfortunate that these soldiers had to go through what they did. I heard about a similar case and its no suprise that the CO of that unit was given permission to "ask" to be relieved.