Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Little Christmas Miracle

They always say it's the little things that count at Christmas (unless you're a little kid eyeballing the biggest package under the tree). Well, I just had my own little Christmas miracle.

Standard Christmas fare in Japan is chicken. Yesterday, all the supermarket poultry sections were quickly picked bare, and today there are long lines at the drive-throughs and entrances of every Kentucky Fried Chicken (which is now strictly by reservation only).

On Christmas Day last year I went to pick up a pizza for lunch to find a hideously long line and only one menu item available for the duration of the day: teriyaki chicken pizza.

Turkey? Forget it. It just doesn't happen here. The last time I had turkey (not counting turkey SPAM) for any kind of event here in the land of the rising sun was about six or seven years ago, when I found one at a supermarket that carries a lot of import items. It was a tiny, little thing, imported from Brazil, prepared according to Halal rules. It was frozen solid. After all the hours spent roasting and carving it, it was disappointing. Not only did it taste funny, but it gave us all the runs. Needless to say, we didn't go to too much trouble to find a turkey after that.

Well, my wife just came back from the store with the fixings for our dinner tonight. She proudly lugged in a fairly good sized Manitoba smoked turkey. She won't tell me where she got it, and I'm not going to press the issue. All I can say is that it looks wonderful.

I guess we're going to have a real Christmas dinner for a change this year! Hey, I know, it's no paraplegic suddenly walking, no dog reciting Shakespeare, no water changing to a fine Haut-Medoc, no sudden end to the madness in the Middle East, but, hey! This is my little Christmas miracle, and that's good enough for me!

Okay, you can go back to your Christmas ale now.

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ElTigris said...

Just as an anti scenario....
here in the USA ... Walmart shopping become so prestigious that its done by reservation only..... A case of hell borne on Earth.

I have a difficult enough time even setting foot in a walmart parking lot without feeling dirty. Thank you for spending time reading a comment that is the anti subject of the original story. Buit sort of the same in a strange way