Sunday, December 05, 2004

And a Child Shall Lead Them

No matter what my current crop of students has been doing to the lining of my battered stomach, it never ceases to amaze me just what young people can do when they put their minds to it. Heck, even the group of 5-year-olds-in-15-year-old-bodies that constitute my homeroom showed a remarkable ability to plan, organize, and execute a very creative and innovative project once they were told to knock off the whining and get busy.

Now look at what these European students are pulling off.

The sad thing is that these kids are coming up with something that is cheaper, more efficient, and looks to be more promising than a lot of the pork-inflated, red-tape-covered bits of bad comedy our bureaucrats have been dishing out. The funny thing is that the students have run into some of the same communication and compatibility problems that have led to more than one multi-million-dollar space probe burning up en route to its destination. However, unlike NASA, the kids are spotting the problems early and making efforts to correct them.

Why is that so difficult for our so-called "experts"?

Kids these days. They don't think enough about sex.
(This comment coming from a guy living in a country where it is estimated nearly one-fifth of high school girls are infected with chlamydia...)


Don Snabulus said...

And unlike Mr. "Arrogant" Burt Rutan, the kids aren't claiming credit and greatness for the work of the unsung "engineers" (kids in this case) and bad-mouthing NASA for all the technology they borrowed to build it.

That was one of the things about SpaceShip One that really popped the balloon for me. So, I wish these kids the best of luck.

thehim said...

That is pretty amazing. I have a friend who was a math coach. He took kids from 3 different Michigan schools to national math competitions, but was never able to keep the funding for what he did in any of the districts he worked in. Now he works in tech support (beautiful irony, huh?).

And our kids just keep getting dumber...