Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The White Heron Castle

Just in case you'd like some pictures and details to go with that last "Life in the Land of the Rising Sun" e-blog I mailed out, here's a pretty good site in English about Himeji Castle. There are a lot of details there that I hadn't known about. They also correct a few mistakes I made. (For one thing, I believe I said erroneously that its nickname was "White Swan Castle". No, no, no! I guess that's what I get for relying on the Japanese guide signs instead of buying an English guidebook.)

Another cool thing about this site is that there are pictures of sections that aren't normally open to the public. No, there aren't any pictures of my students, fellow teachers, or the Hawaiian girl I chatted with as I hustled through the main tower.

Compare this with Castle Neuschwanstein (okay, there's the swan!) and remember that Himeji was actually used as a fortress.


ladybug said...

Hey anyone can see the outside of Neueschwanstein just by watching Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang! That's one crazy castle, the guy who built it was an in-bred mental case who was completly nuts. I almost went there (my friend who worked at Hotel Sonnenhof w/me that crazy Black Forest summer did though-I ended up going to Belgiuim for a not-so-fun time, then rendezvousing w/her in Verdun-a pretty boring place, w/no almost no public transport I might add). At least our adventures in hitchhiking and such were fun!

Vulgarius said...

I've seen it. Its quite impressive. Its actually not complete. Only 3 or 4 floors are open to the public. Even after the 30 Million Gold Marks that were spent on it. The mad king fortunately drowned (or was) I'm guessing that it would have taken another 10 mil to complete it. Im not sure the population could have shelled it out. Nonetheless, it attracts hordes of tourists and inspires a great deal of imagination.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Ludwig the Mad basically spent his whole reign building new castles. Interestingly, his main inspiration came from his dear friend Wagner. More than one structure, including the one whose interior is built to look like a cave (including a lake in which the king sat in a boat while watching performances) was actually designed around a stage built specifically for Wagner's operas. How many castles did he finally complete, anyway? Does somebody know, or would somebody like to research it?

I will say, though: WAGNER ROCKS!!! (But his political beliefs can go hang...)

Don Snabulus said...

I've had White Castle Heron burgers and they ARE a bit chewy I'm afraid.

DewKid said...

Hmmm. It reminds me of Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Except without the rides.

... and the hot dogs.

... and the funny cartoon mascots. Daffy, you crack me up. Funny duck gets his head asplode.

Vulgarius said...

"I've had White Castle Heron burgers and they ARE a bit chewy I'm afraid"

Only when they forget to take out the beak.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I think I'll stick to wieners fished out of the river.

(What was somebody saying about this site not being ridiculous?)