Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Shaking up the Snabs

I added two new Snabby friends over on the right side.

  • Blog Reload

  • Mike Gushard

  • Both peopleses have been kind enough to stop by and comment at the site. Blog Reload already had Snabulus as a link...keen!

    Update: Snabulus is on Mike's list too. Many Thanks!

    I also added Bruce Schneier's weblog in the Brain Candy section:

  • Schneier on Security

  • He does a great job of explaining both cybersecurity and every day security and the issues that should be discussed and debunks some of the hype surrounding various security and privacy issues.

    I am dropping the link to Steve Gilliard. He seems to be raging against everybody who doesn't think like he does nowadays. He was waaaaaay wrong about who would win the election (big deal, so was I) and he seems to be terminally angry at every liberal/progressive/Democrat group and saying F-you to this group and screw you to that group. It is one thing to alienate your political opponent (Heck, Rush Limbaugh called the Red Cross Anti-American, the whiny drug addict :D) but you gotta shoot for 50% support in a democracy or you will lose. I hope he snaps out of it because he is a smart guy and has some great perspectives on history, politics, race, and most of all, FOOD.

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