Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A Gate to the Sea

It is now one week until I'm forced to depart on yet another "school excursion", this time helping to chaperone the 158-strong group of monkeys that makes up the most stress-inducing 9th-grade class I've had to deal with yet.

A stomach is a terrible thing to waste.

At least the first place we're going is Miyajima. It's officially labeled one of the three most beautiful locations in Japan. Itsukushima Shrine, its chief feature, really is spectacular, especially when the sun shines on it at a certain angle while the tide is in, causing its bright, crimson-painted walls to light up. The shrine is actually built out over the bay. At low tide it stands in a smelly mud flat, but at high tide it is surrounded by water.

Its famous torii gate, which stands some distance further into the bay, is a famous landmark constructed in a representative style of the Heian Era (late 8th to 12th century).

I know I'll enjoy the view of the shrine. At least I'll do my best. An unusually strong typhoon caused a lot of damage there about eight years ago. It has since been repaired, but I'm a bit worried about the punks we're lugging with us. Hopefully I won't have to lob any of them into the mud flat.


Anonymous said...

Jack S:

Rise and shine you monkeys!

Cmdr Data:

Levitate and exhibit lustre, you primates!

ElTigris said...

"punk slappin monkeys" sounds like a band name....