Thursday, November 04, 2004

Curry County-Brooking's Bemusings

These going's on are quoted directly from the Curry County Pilot Police Log, Wednesday, October 27, 2004. The log has been abridged for your reading enjoyment!
Saturday, Oct 23
Dispute, 4:31 p.m.; Police contacted three people involved in a dispute at the Darwin Apartments.
Dog at large, 5:02 p.m.; A report of a dog running amok on Court Street.
Sunday, Oct 24
Dispute, 3:43 a.m.; A report of a dispute between two insomniacs on Second Street.
Dead deer, 10:24 a.m.; A South Bank Chetco River Road resident called police dispatch to find out if somebody could come out and pick up a deer carcass. They said the neighborhood dogs were using it for snacks.
Shots fired,12:53 a.m.; Some Wollam Lane residents apparently found a new way to annoy neighbors. Area residents have complained about the sounds of shots being fired in the area. The sounds worry the neighbors and drive neighborhood dogs crazy. The report state a few men have some kind of device - not a gun - they're using for target practice.
Monday, Oct. 25
Dog barking, 9 a.m.; A Midland Way canine woke up too early for the neighbors.
Driving complaint, 11:19 a.m.; An 84 year-old motorist at Chetco Senior Center drew the attention of Police.
Dispute, 12:10 p.m.; Police were called to the daily dispute at the Darwin Apartments.
Driving Complaint, 11:52 p.m.; A driving complaint was reported near 101 Auto Sales. No report if it was somebody on a midnight test drive.


Don Snabulus said...

10:24 am MEAT!!!!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Gee...Brookings is having a bit of a crime wave, isn't it?