Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Cinnamon Bear!

This has been a family tradition (on and off) in my family since my father was a child! I remember going to Fredrick & Nelson downtown just to wait in line for The Cinnamon Bear! Alas, with the demise of that store here in Portland, (the death knell was sounded when Meier & Frank included in their contract w/the Clackamas Town Center that Fredrick & Nelson could not open a store there), the public presence of The Cinnamon Bear is no more. If you like the Wizard of Oz, or Raggedy Ann & Andy, this show is for you and your family! Here's a quote from info included in the link at the title bar:

"The Lipman and Wolfe Company of Portland, Oregon, for example, continued sponsoring "The Cinnamon Bear" annually throughout the 1960's. Kids visiting the store at Christmastime perched on the lap of an overstuffed Paddy O'Cinnamon and told him what they wanted for Christmas -- as a jealous Santa Claus sat nearby. (By the way, that original bear suit still exists.)"

Today, you can still listen to the original Cinnamon Bear in Portland at KBVM 88.3 FM (FYI-The Catholic Radio Station) starting Nov. 18th at 3:30 p.m. The show is non-religious, and just plain fun in my book!

Even more wonderous info! A fan club, founded right here in Portland!

The Cinnamon Bear Brigade
Carolyn Breen Kolibaba
10419 N.E. Knott
Portland, OR 97220-2826
800-93-PADDY (9-5 Mon-Fri)
Publication: Bear Facts


Anonymous said...


Yaaaaaaaaah! Yaaaaaaaaah! Yaaaaaaaaah!

(waving a menacing fountain pen)

DewKid said...

I'm glad to see this. The Cinnamon bear was a big part of my childhood as well. As kids, we were more excited about the Cinnamon bear, than Santa himself!

I also waited in long lines at Fredrick & Nelson, and listened to the Cinnamon Bear show on the radio from beginning to end.

Sigh. I miss the Cinnamon Bear.

ladybug said...

You can buy the CD's and cassette tapes still, just check out the title bar link, or Amazon.com, and Radio Spirits (which has tons of old time radio shows, like The Whistler, Suspense, Superman, The Benny Goodman Show, and many more!). We bought some CD's several years ago from the Smithsonian, and it's nice to be able to listen when you want. I've had our daughter listen to it since she was 3 or so, she really loves it; it's just not Xmas at our house w/out the Cinnamon Bear!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Why am I suddenly having a craving for ginger snaps?

DewKid said...

I didn't even think to check Amazon! I just ordered the CDs (a whopping $47!) but it will be worth it to have. I'm thinking my kids will enjoy listening to this! Maybe this will continue to be a family tradition.

Thanks ladybug! (... and thanks Snabby for bringing this topic up ...)

Now to find a supply of gingerbread bears to eat... Maybe I'll make them.

[update] - I just found that you can freely download the Cinnamon Bear here. Too late to cancel my order with Amazon (sigh). Oh well!

Don Snabulus said...

It is worth having a hard copy I think. We have two! We have a tape edition that has the full radio leadins and themes and the CD edition you probably bought (which has the music, but not the drawn out version). We got the CDs cuz we misplaced some of the tapes.

Besides, CDs are better sound quality than the MP3s anyway.

There are 26 episodes, so be sure to time it so you finish up on Christmas Eve. We usually wind up listening to blocks of 2 or 3 episodes sometimes because we get busy some nights. The old Portland tradition was to start the day after Thanksgiving and do one a day (roughly) until Christmas eve.


DewKid said...

Yeah, I figured it would be nice to have the CDs too, so I'm not TOO upset about the order! :-)

I've already planned to start listening to the first episode with my kids on Nov 30th, and then every night until XMas Eve. I've been telling them about it these last couple of days, and they seem excited. I get my CD's on the 22nd (supposedly, though Amazon usually gets 'em to me earlier than the scheduled date), so I should be good.

I listened to a part of the first chapter from the downloaded mp3. Wow, that brings back strong memories! Those voices are strongly familiar, and comforting somehow. I'm so glad I'm getting a hard copy!