Monday, November 01, 2004

And Now...Let's Talk about a MONGO Flow...PHEWW!!!

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I wound up just a bit under the weather (drowning, actually), but now I'm back and just aching to [nasal voice] talk about flowers [/nasal voice]!

This rare, jungle beauty from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia is generally regarded as the world's largest flower. It blooms only rarely, and when it does it produces one seriously wicked aroma. Actually, it smells like rotting flesh, which is why the titan arum is less than affectionately known as the "corpse flower". Perhaps it's fortunate that a bloom only lasts for a few days before it wilts.

Check out this botanical monster from the dark gulfs of some unspeakable nether dimension:


Vulgarius said...

Meat Flower!

ElTigris said...

This is the one that uses flies and other carrion insects to pollinate instead of bees. Form what I have read and seen on shows (discovery channel of course) the stench is *powerful* the botanist standing next to it as he described the experience had his eyes almost watering, using words like "foul". Also said it was like some large animal had died and decaying, and it should attract insects from couple miles around. His native guides got a kick out his reactions. Catherine I think had talked about this one before.

DewKid said...

Now THIS flower I recognize. The town of Escondido California (near where I live) has a botanical garden that has this flower on display. Every year, there is an article in the paper about the flower, usually accompanied by a photograph of a number of tourists holding their noses. For me, I'll just look at the picture, thank you very much.

Don Snabulus said...

Makes me hungry for corn on the cob covered in roadkill.