Saturday, November 27, 2004

$100 Eco-friendly Computer

From Linux PR: SolarPC Announces the $100 Personal Computer

SolarPC today announced the availability of a $100 PC called the SolarLite. It is a solid-state computer targeted at organizations that require the efficiency of a maintenance free Internet PC. The SolarLite was also created to offer an ecologically and economically viable method to provide information to billions of disadvantaged people around the world. In addition, it serves as a response to last month's challenge by Microsoft's Steve Ballmer for the computer industry to build a $100 PC.

The Steve Ballmer thing is funny considering the Windows OS costs more than $100 all by itself. I hope they get it off the ground. I like the article comment over at Slashdot regarding the ability to run this 10 watt PC on a bicycle-driven generator...

I have visions of slaves in third world countries on generator bicycles, all outside pedaling away, while the local bigwig surfs porn

I chuckled at the comic cynicism then promptly forgot about it. (foop)

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