Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Lovely, Morning Face

This is partly due to Ladybug's polite request, but mainly because I was planning to do it anyway. I am continuing our (nasal voice) talk about flowers (/nasal voice) by moving on to the delightful morning glory.

The morning glory is called asagao, or "morning face" in Japanese. It is a very appropriate term, as the vine puts forth its colorful flowers in the morning. Japanese morning glories can range in color from blue to magenta, but most are purple. That is one of the reasons why Asagao is the name of a princess character in The Tale of Genji, the romance novel written in the 9th century by Lady Murasaki Shikibu. After all, purple was a color that only royalty were allowed to wear. Even more appropriately, Genji, the lead character, first catches a glimpse of the beautiful face of the shy princess, who is also his cousin, in the morning. (He then proceeds to rape her that night, which doesn't make her very happy.)

Morning glories can be grown just about anywhere and are very easy to take care of. It can, however, be tough to get rid of them once they've taken hold somewhere. They are quite hardy. They are also very invasive. As the plant is a fast-growing vine, it can spread quickly and become entwined throughout the garden or wherever it is located. If you plant one under a deck, expect it to wind its way throught the floorboards and become an inextricable part of them.

And now......The Larch.


Anonymous said...


(nasal voice)I like flowers(/nasal voice). Hey, were you imitating me? If you were, you're liable to find yourself dead in the street.

What color?

Don Snabulus said...

Ah, the fluted horns of the Convulvulus genus. They are a testament to the beauty found in the brambles of life..

Anonymous said...

The REAL Colorman (accept no imitations):

For your information, my voice is ALWAYS both nasal and throaty!

And the colors of the morning glory were mentioned in the article, and they are righteous colors!