Saturday, October 23, 2004

Let's Talk About Flowers

Mr. Snabby has gone on vacation, and he has just informed me that he has turned the keys to Snabulus over to me for the time being.

By the powers of Snabskull......I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As my first act as Chief President Generalissimo God-By-Proxy, With Portfolio (many honorifics attached), I will take a much-needed break from the ongoing political bile that has continued to ooze from this site.

So.....let's talk about flowers!

The link goes to a very informative article about a very intriguing flower I thought you'd enjoy:
The Lupin.
Have fun!

(Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, riding through the night...)


Anonymous said...

Silent E:

What about me? I'm part of lupine too.

ElTigris said...

I wonder if it combats scotch broom?

ladybug said...

Hey you forgot the fecund Nastursium. We have one growing over our deck, which started from a stray seed in August! Also the abundant Morning Glory, a hit in our garden year; and my absolute favorite, the Chinese Lantern, which makes little orange seed pods which look like fairy lanterns!

The Moody Minstrel said...

One flower at a time!!!!