Friday, October 29, 2004

Let's Talk About Flour

Aw, I've already gone and done it: I made a political posting (below). I need to get my worn soles (soul?) back on the path. It's time once again to (nasal voice) talk about flowers (/nasal voice), but I just don't have a particular flower I feel like talking about right now, so how about a homonymous alternative? Let's talk about flour!

I remember Bob's original, old mill. It wasn't so far from where I lived up till my OSU days. I remember when the abandoned, old hulk of a building was purchased, renovated, and put back into action in my junior high school days. I even took the short, informative tour they were offering at the time. I didn't know that the building burned down in 1988...two years before I came to Japan.

I guess it has been reestablished in a different location, and it's very much in full swing.

Fresh-baked bread is truly a wonderful thing. In fact, for those of us that can't get it so often, it seems almost like a treasure. It's even better when it's made with whole-grain flour and better still when that flour is fresh ground.

Fresh-ground, whole-grain flour is definitely far better for you than the hydrolyzed variety common in supermarket white breads. Major bakeries tend to do to their breads the same things that major breweries do to their beer: they take all the character (i.e. the flavor) out of it for the sake of making it easier to consume. It's the old, American "I don't want anything that leaves any lasting impression" syndrome. Just wolf it down and forget about it. Unfortunately, when mills take all the flavor out of the flour, they also take out most of the health benefits. They also tend to add sugar to make it even more "consumable" in a bulging-waisted society.

That's why little, homegrown mills like Bob's can be such a good thing. They give us organically-grown, whole wheat slow-grinded into the fundamental ingredient of one of life's better pleasures. They offer proof that "healthy" and "sucky" don't have to be synonymous. Nothing sugar coated; just a real "gutsy" taste.

No, wait...that's Wheaties...

BTW: I understand that some of you may be on the ever-popular Atkins Diet. It is not my intention to offend or alienate you...though I might laugh and waft my buttered, fresh-baked "hotel bread" in your general direction.


Don Snabulus said...

Do you have bread making equipment Mr. Minstrel?

ladybug said...

They now have a restaurant and a little store. I've eaten there several times with family. It's quite nice, if slow, service. Popular w/the old folks

The Moody Minstrel said...

Well, as far as bread-making equipment goes, we have an automatic bread-maker, not to mention the usual assortment of pans and knives...