Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Lava continues oozing out of Mount St. Helens

Fiery, glowing lava continues to ooze out onto the Mount St. Helens crater floor as a new lava dome steadily grows in an area of the crater that has been rapidly uplifting since late September, scientists said Wednesday.

From the right vantage point, volcano-watchers in a helicopter may be able to see the lava at night.

“Incandescence continues to be visible intermittently north of the volcano, depending on weather conditions,” said Tina Neal, a USGS geologist. And overcast skies may prove helpful -- it’s possible clouds could reflect the red glow.

This is just great stuff. What a difference 18 years of volcanic inaction coupled with technological advances makes. Some of the footage of the erupting ash and steam from the local Fox station was just beautiful to watch and KGW got some great glowing lava shots (see above). It all serves to reawaken my own geological past and I am inclined to dust off those books and recall that great story of the evolving planet.

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