Monday, October 25, 2004

Is It Live, or Is It Something We Hope No One Remembers?

As a musician who has long been disgusted by such things as artists that put their lyrics on lesser-known songwriters' music and call it their own songs, poster-child singer/musicians that have "ghost performers" record their albums for them, and singers that lip-synch to digitally enhanced vocal tracks when they are supposedly singing on stage, I take special pleasure in this. This, my friends, is poetic justice.

What's especially ludicrous is the way Ms. Simpson and her handlers are trying...and cover their posteriors. First they said that the errant track was supposed to have been a taped percussion line, but someone accidentally loaded a vocal track. Then Ms. Simpson herself said that it was the band's fault for playing the wrong song (when they had, in fact, already performed the song from which the mistaken vocal track appeared!).

I guess Simpson and Co. thought that their fans would be as gullible as President Bush's supporters. They were mistaken.

Oops....did I just insert a political comment?


Anonymous said...

Not that I'm a Jessica fan or anything (in fact, I rather dislike her), but it appears that the decision to use vocal voice-overs was due to the fact that Jessica's vocal chords were swollen from a recent outbreak of acid reflux disease: knows if that's true or not, so why crucify her? Maybe you are just jealous.... ;-)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Not really. If being famous means sacrificing my musical integrity in order to suck up to the agencies and the promotors, I'd much rather be content with the (oc)cult following I enjoy right now.

Hey...I'll have you know that some songs from my album Spinning Flow got airplay in Bangalore, India last year!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Actually, I suffer a bit from acid reflux disease myself (as my more recent recordings show), but I just deal with it and sing anyway.

Ironically, it seems to have boosted my vocal range up half an octave...if you don't mind a bit of wavering and/or gravel.