Friday, October 01, 2004

Folk Costume/Native Dress/Fashion Statement

Almost every nation has some sort of regional costume, which ususally dates from about 1700-1850. Most also have distinct regional styles within each country, The title bar goes to a link with a fascinating discussion of the true German/Bavarian "Tracht" and it's infamous cousin, the pan-germanic "Dirndle/Lederhosen", (most often seen any local Oktoberfest). Like the Norwegian "Bunad", or the Scottish "Kilt", the choice of what you wear usually identifies your ancestry with a particular area. I personally have been very interested in all aspects of textile expression with native dress (especially embroidery & lace), for many years, ever since I worked in a Black Forest hotel in college. For part of the local costume, the young women wore a large wide-brimmmed straw hat with huge red pom-poms on it; if you were married, the pom-poms were black (hmmm, what could that possibly mean....) Here below are some links to other sites, (all are in English, or you can click on the British/American Flag for English).

Site for Normandy, France. (take a look at the hats, they look curiously close to the French Voyageur styles-not surprising, since most of the immigrants to Quebec were from Normandy)

Site for cheap, online ordering of kilts. Link goes to sexy Jacobite version!

Site for Norwegian Bunads, you can click on the map and bring up the Bunads from that region-Cool!


Don Snabulus said...

Oh, great. Now we are going to need to take out a 2nd mortgage on the house in order to pay for all these dingedy dang hats, bunads, and dirndls (oh, not dirndls; native dress! another 2 grand!).

I see a dark future ahead of living under a bridge begging for money wearing lederhosen.

ladybug said...

You've forgotton the sublimely expensive "Kimono" of Japan, my Vintage Vogue patterns for the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, plus authenic SCA wear,(the corseted European peasant dress you've been waiting for...); not to mention forays into the Napoleonic Empire dresses, lusty leather 18th century Pirate outfits, Southern Belle Antebellum hoop skirts, and Edwardian finery.
You had no idea my fabric addiction was so severe, did you darling? A little quilting here, a little applique work there; all part of my deceptive plan!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I can vouch for the expense of kimonos...ay-yi-yi!!!

As for me, I think I prefer the traditional male costume of the Yanomami of the Amazon. It consists of a single, heavy, red thread wrapped around the waist and tied around the tip of the John Thomas to hold it upright.

Strangely enough, if that thread pops loose or breaks, causing his old fella to flop down, a Yanomamu feels positively naked and embarrassed. Go figure.