Monday, October 11, 2004

Cartoon Triple Threat!!!

(thanks to DewKid, Viet, and my Monday morning routine)

  1. JibJab sequel
  2. - This sequel to "This Land is Your Land" once again pokes fun at our Presidential candidates.

  3. The D & D song
  4. - This is a video poking fun at people of my generation who, um, played alot of Dungeons & Dragons and missed out on high school sex or something.

  5. Strong Bad Mail #116 - This cartoon pokes fun at, um, well, metal shoes that sound like vacuum cleaners...well, you have to be there.

Assume they are all rated PG-13 or not...I don't care.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Perfect:

Well, the D & D video was not a cartoon, so maybe you need to, as Ghack would say, lay off the bong a bit.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for doing me the kind honor, Mr. Perfect. Now go get a shower and a haircut.

I might also point out that the JavaScript "link" to start the "JibJab sequel" wouldn't work on Netscape for some reason. I guess that's a hint that I need to ditch this pinko commie spitware and join the GOP (Greatly Overrated Programs) fraternity, i.e. Internet Explorer. It is, after all, the corporately civilized thing to do. Support the standard!