Tuesday, September 28, 2004

They Just Keep Getting Stupider

If we didn't need any more proof that Corporations rule over our government, we read the following from Wired in File Traders Could Do Hard Time:

Users of internet peer-to-peer networks, already dodging lawsuits from the recording industry, could face up to three years in prison under a bill passed Tuesday by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The House voted to enlist the government to a greater degree in the entertainment industry's fight against those who trade copies of its products over the internet.


The Senate approved a similar bill in June, but differences must be reconciled before President Bush signs it into law.

The Motion Picture Association of America applauded the bill's passage, while consumer groups, conservative groups and libraries said it would radically broaden copyright law and drag the government into a battle that should be handled by the entertainment industry.

So even though both liberals and conservatives don't like the law, (hopefully incompatible) versions passed both houses of (our dumba**) Congress. I don't doubt that both techo-ignorant presidential candidates are stupid enough to sign something so foolish into law.

This kind of law goes way beyond music swappers too. Intellectual property of any kind from pictures to ideas to just about anything becomes a legal battlefield. Innovation is already slowing in intellectual pursuits. What Ayn Rand and free-market ideologues warned about from socialism is now becoming reality in today's modified corporate capitalism...a malaise of the mind and the slowing of advancement of civilization.

The DMCA and this law are bad for business and just about anything else. Unless we get a grip on new technology and allow for the innovative thoughts of the millions of bright minds that brought us to this point, we are looking at a secretive, vicious, and expensive world of legal wrangling and stifled innovation.