Saturday, September 11, 2004

Objective or Left-Leaning My A**.......

Now, THIS would merit an "asinine", or at least a "bloody irritating" tag on Fark.

I turned on CNN news, which I hadn't watched for a long time, to catch the ceremony marking the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. So what did I get?

First they put on fifteen minutes of pro-Bush propaganda. They showed plenty of footage of Bush attacking Kerry's stand on Iraq and terrorism, but they didn't allow Kerry a nanosecond. In and among it all, they interviewed a whole bunch of people in New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania that were firmly in the Bush camp regardless of their party affiliation (a point that they went to almost obnoxious lengths to make clear). Some of the comments that were made included:

- "I don't like the war in Iraq, but the President obviously knows more than we do, so we should trust him."
- "I opposed the war at first, and I was really upset and scared when they sent me there. I saw guys in my unit, friends of mine, get hurt, maybe even killed. But now I know the President was right, and I stand by him."
- "I fully support our commander-in-chief. I'm glad he's sticking to his guns, and we need to let him do his job regardless of all the casualties and whatever."
- "I'm a Democrat, even liberal, but I don't think Kerry will be as strong as Bush in keeping our country safe."

The only pro-Kerry voice they showed was a very unconvincing-sounding guy who said, "Kerry's a military man, so I trust him."

After that, they went on to talk about Al-Qaeda, how they were still active, how they're still really evil and really ugly, how Osama bin Laden is still clearly a major part of their leadership, how they were likely involved in the recent attack in Russia, and how they're apparently prepared to pull off an imminent attack on America, most likely to disrupt the elections.

Then they went on to sports.

When the first moment of silence came on, they showed Bush at the White House, not the people in New York.

This borders on obscene.
No, it doesn't. It is MOST DEFINITELY obscene.

And now they have just repeated that broadcast.
I have double checked. I was worried that I had somehow turned on Fox News by mistake, but it is most definitely CNN.
This "news" program, so often accused of a "liberal bias", is blatantly using the 9/11 anniversary to promote the Bush campaign. I'd be just as p***ed about it (happy, Snabbie?) if they were wiping Kerry's face, words, and supporters all over the screen.


(Yes, I know I ended that with a preposition. Shut the *uck up.)

Liberal bias, my a*s, speaking of which, these whining Fox fans on the op-ed pages can shove their "liberal bias" moans and groans up their own aft shafts.


(I really hate my diet...)


Don Snabulus said...

That's because Fox was kicking patoot on CNN in the ratings CNN is adapting. People who want real news flip it over to BBC (Auntie Beeb), which is watched by Tories and Labour alike.

Now leave me alone, I've got to go out and pre-order my Uzi and AR-15 and Kalishnikov with some big magazines. Yeah!

Speaking of big magazines, what ever happened to Life?

Speaking of life, we're all doomed. DOOMED I say.

The Moody Minstrel said...

As long as you keep saying we're DOOMED, we won't be. It's the law of beverages.

Anonymous said...

Relatively Exact:

Hey, I've always maintained that the only bias in the news is capitalist rather than political. They publish what they think people will be willing to buy.

Don Snabulus said...

Mmmm, beverages. Now, there is a law we can live with.

Patri Ann said...

Don't know if you know about it, but is selling a video called "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism." It's an interesting account of the ways that Fox News and those who work there are coached and instructed on how to present the news.

Don Snabulus said...

Thanks for the info and thanks for stopping by! (I am aware of the video, but I'm not sure all the readers are.)

Anonymous said...

Relatively Exact:

CNN is going pro-Neocon because Fox is beating it in the ratings? I guess that's not hard to understand after seeing those rants in the op-ed section of the newspaper.

One of the slogans of capitalism (unless you're a cartel or major conglomerate) is, "Give the people what they want." I guess if people want self-glorifying demagoguery instead of the truth, well...

Vulgarius said...

Ive said it before....The press is an animal that will gleefully consume its own entrails on air if it thinks it can get a good rating out of it. One thing that synergizes this effect is when people like Tom Brokaw make statements like "America is not doing enough to get rid of George Bush" People are inclined to think they cannot expect any objectivity from NBC. Along comes other similar comments by the talking Heads on the networks and people will be more inclined to notice any air time that says something different. This effect cuts both ways but currently the backlash is leaving welts on previosly percieved left leaning tushies.

Anonymous said...

Groundskeeper Willy:

Oy! Haggis! Now yer speakin' m'language. Now, I'm off to save the wee tair-tles.

ElTigris said...

I see nothing has changed...the media is owned... bought and sold... it will be just a repeat of the clinton year s when kerry gets elected. Guess they will have to hunt for something new... like a killer ketchup bottle to be found in the oval office ...exhibit A of some future as of yet unimagined crime. Stealing lying killing and defrauding have already been committed.

The Moody Minstrel said...

What about toad-sexing?