Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Glide is in the Hall

Drexler reaches pinnacle
The former Trail Blazers record-setting guard known as "The Glide" is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- He was cut from his high school basketball team in 10th grade, and he has been defeated in h-o-r-s-e by middle-aged billionaire Paul Allen, but Clyde Drexler never has lost his pursuit of basketball excellence.

"I don't think anyone has played more basketball than me, ever. I have played more than anybody in the entire world," Drexler said. "My goal was to play more than anyone because I wanted to be the best. And looking back at it, you have to truly love the game to spend that much time doing it."

Drexler's passion and work ethic were rewarded Friday night when he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame after a 15-year NBA career, including his first 111/2 seasons in Portland (1983-1995).

"This is the ultimate compliment to a player's game," Drexler said. "I'm in awe."

A graceful yet powerful 6-foot-7 shooting guard, Drexler was renowned for his dunks -- many of which came at the end of soaring leaps -- which helped earn him the nickname "The Glide." He was known for his all-around game, and was the third player to amass 20,000 points, 6,000 rebounds and 6,000 assists, joining Oscar Robertson and John Havlicek.

He certainly deserves it. Go Clyde!


Anonymous said...

He's not from Lithuania. Inconsequential!

Don Snabulus said...

Arvydas Sabonis:

You have too many crybabies on your team. I am going back to Lithuania. I wish now that I had a Drexler on my team instead of the Marijuana Quartet.