Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ford Launches Production H2 Focus FCV-Hybrid

From a new blog I found called Green Car Congress:

Ford today announced the first production of its new Focus hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Focus FCV-Hybrid.

This differs from prior demo cars in three ways. First, it’s the most sophisticated, according to Ford. Second, it came off a production line, not out of a lab. Ford intends to crank through 30 of the Focus FCVs initially for field testing. Also being tested and refined, though, will be the manufacturing techniques.

Third, unlike an earlier version of the Focus FCV, this model is a hybrid.

Well, there you go. A fuel cell hybrid. Just like I asked for. Anyone got a quarter million I can borrow? This car has a much better range using the hybrid technology than with using the fuel cells alone (at least compared to the Honda).

Of course, the automakers burned up a few billion in federal funds on electrics a few years ago and have nothing to show for it except a great deal of untapped demand while they jerk leased autos away from owners willing to pay top dollar to keep their EVs. Here is to hoping that the aims of the auto giants are a bit less cynical this time.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Perhaps EVs suffered the same fate that the A-10 attack plane did before Gen. Schwarzkopf told the Pentagon "experts" to shove it and brought it back for Desert Storm (where it quickly became that war's MVP):

"Not technologically impressive enough."

Face it: bureaucrats are gadget nuts.

ElTigris said...

well I wen to the page and they were also discussing the silverado hybrid..the much touted and techno impressive GM hybrid version that gets a whole 1 mpg better for 10K more... you gottah love these guys for doing our homework for us. It will be interesting if america gets anything at all.... maybe the last ones to be sold everything everyone already has... since we are still currently the biggest consumers. That may change when China ramps up these next few years