Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Can You Say, "Hypocrisy," Neighbor?

I knew you could.

Sir Powell is upset that Putin is rolling back some democratic reforms and giving himself more power in order to combat terrorism.

"We understand the need to fight against terrorism ... but in an attempt to go after terrorists I think one has to strike a proper balance to make sure that you don't move in a direction that takes you away from the democratic reforms or the democratic process," Powell said, adding Washington would raise the issue with Moscow "in the days ahead."

In other words, it's wrong for Putin to do what our own administration has been doing for the past few years.
Sheesh. Talk about the cherry calling the tomato red.


Don Snabulus said...

I agree (that were all doomed. DOOMED I say!).

Vulgarius said...

I didnt realize that President Bush has called for the power to nominate state governors directly by decree. Gosh! We are doomed!

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush:

Although some would say the state governor was in charge of nominating the President here.

(family smirk)

Anonymous said...


Colin Powell wasn't specific about the scope of which democratic reforms were to be taken away that should concern us. Both Powell and the Minstrel certainly didn't single out specific details.

Comparing the scope of similar circumstances between two countries can often shine a light on the behavior of both. However, the contrasts between situations can be revealing as well, as Vulgarius avers.

The confidence that a traditionally democratic society with a greater degree of personal freedoms will bounce back after times of war or strife is usually greater than with countries whose tradition is of oppression and lack of personal freedom.

Outside the scope of this conversation is the dilemma that many Americans can't decide whether it is better that a potential rival superpower is weakened or whether the links with a force countering our own power are weakened. Ay, there is the rub, for in these dances of death, what nightmarish dreams await?

ElTigris said...

Why yesss .... and a governer who has relected himself in a state that largely loathes him .... soon to try reappoint another family member back into high office. Can we say "Nepotism"? good ...I kneww you could..

soon we will all be elected enemy combatants ..or felons.. one or the other .. now bow to the bow to the cross ..and repeat after me ...Im a good patriot...I inform on my neighbhors where is there a good book to burn? *chuckles*