Saturday, September 04, 2004

Another Stupid Product for Children

Pimp and prostitute costumes for children would probably label this as "asinine." Maybe they already have.

And now, Juicy Juice presents, Mad Strawberry Coolers with a splash of chardonnay flavor...brought to you by the Inappropriate Corporation.


The Moody Minstrel said...

How ironic. Today I was just reading in the newspaper that the government of China is making Jane Ayre required reading for junior high school students in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai because the recent trends toward commercialism and materialism are making young people forget how to love. Apparently young people in those cities these days are only marrying for money while continuing to maintain their true love interests (read "sex objects") on the side.

They blame all this on "Westernization".

Actually, they sound just like young people in cities here in Japan, especially Tokyo and Osaka, but the older generations here are also quick to blame it on "American influence".

Islamic extremists are also blaming a lot of their social ills on Westernization, and that's a lot of what gave rise to Al-Qaeda.

Now we see a very sad example of just how depraved our culture has become.

It's a wonder half the world isn't out to bomb us at this point...

ElTigris said...

Thats because we are ready to bomb them before it all starts. Not just the normal bombs but the ones that has the gift that keeps on giving ...radiooooactivityyyy tah dah duh dahh dahhhh. Might as well right "Crusades" on each one....and today we arent just bombing them for being religious heretics ..... we are bombing them because they are in the way of our needs to consume.

Anonymous said...


It's about friggin' time, too! The world OWES us, and it's high time for us to collect!

ElTigris said...

bring out the Alpha Omega then and stop farting around with DU ....lets get it done and ride it in like Slim Pickins yeehawww.