Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today's Quote

A nation full of people who know more about Scott Peterson's defense strategy than they do about Donald Rumsfeld's is not a nation that shows much ability to govern itself.

- From an excellent Op/Ed in the Salt Lake Tribune

(and yet, govern ourselves we must...)


ladybug said...

Omi Gaw-d! Like that is such an insult to, like our inquiring minds! Like I always am finding out about stuff at school and like who cares about what-his-name Rumsfeld, who's just a stinky old man anyway. I mean like who listens to him except other old guys? It's SOOO much more important to know, like who the cool bands 'n' cool songs are this week, cause ya know if you don't know that, you are SOOO yesterday. Like ya know?

ElTigris said...

hey *S* ... uts like now ... and the world is someplace else.. beyond the mall...beyond the TV ....and for the real serious types...beyond the football staduim where you "got game" wil be perfect when you get the perfect prozac hallucigen drug cocktailto put in the drinking water and 3D TV.. Drool happily into your fuzzy toy blinkie amorphous bunny thingie.

Anonymous said...

Philrod Piddlewaif:

If it's not part of your immediate reality, it's inconsequential.