Thursday, August 26, 2004

Governor unveils solar-homes plan

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a plan yesterday to encourage the construction of 1 million solar homes in California by requiring builders to offer the systems to all new-home buyers.

Schwarzenegger's proposal would create a fund of about $230 million for rebates on solar installations, with more funding possible if state regulators later find it is needed to meet the million-homes goal by 2017.

"Once implemented, it will establish California as a world leader in solar technology," Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

Under Senate Bill 199, as the governor's proposal is known, builders would be required by 2008 to offer solar systems in much the same way they offer other home upgrades.

It looks like there might be some devils in the details, but considering the financial situation of California, I think this is generally good news. I wish Oregon the same solar incentives California does for do-it-yourself solar.


ladybug said...

I wish this would happen in Oregon; we really need this. Perhaps expand it to include wind and mini-hydro!

Anonymous said...

Relatively Exact:

Okay, now...which major Californian corporation is getting into solar power development?

ElTigris said...

Get rid of Gordon Smith and may happen