Friday, August 13, 2004

Bizarro World of Portland TV

I flipped on the TV really quick to see if the opening ceremonies of the Olympics were on. Well, they are not but that is beside the point.

The local ABC, CBS, and NBC channels here in Portland were showing Bush's speech live. The FOX affiliate was the only one showing Kerry. I wasn't interested in listening to Dumb (Kerry) and Dumber (Bush) speak, so I turned it off.

I found it funny that the "liberal" press carried Bush's speech while "right-wingnut" Fox carried Kerry' I thought I would pass it along. Good day.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Maybe each of those channels was purposely showing the "other guy's" speech for the sake of being sarcastic. Either that or they were trying to prove the rumors of bias wrong...and fell victim to simple irony.

ElTigris said...

Not really ....On Fox network they were talking over the Kerry speech adding in their worthless wooden penny two cents. The continuation of the dumbing down of america. I would say if in future history IF it remains fair.. will prove El Dublay to be the dumbest president, while this generation the dumbest ever for electing him.