Monday, July 05, 2004

Garfield Throws the Bird

I bought my daughter a Kid's Meal at Wendy's. Here is a picture of the sack:

However, something about Garfield looked kind of funny.

Alrighty, Garfield is flipping my kid off. Greeeeeeeeeeat. Thanks.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Holy Bejeebus!!!!

What censor let THAT go by?

Seymour said...

Garfield's just had enough of the "Consumer Machine". He's not flipping you off, he's flipping off Jim Davis. That evil, nazi bastard! "Let me Die!! Let Me DIE!!"

Anonymous said...

Relatively Exact:

Modern society has become so desensitized that things like that wouldn't ruffle any feathers whatever. The reaction of most parents would probably be something like, "Is that his middle....hey, look, Buffy! There's another terror alert on the news!"

Seymour said...

Hey, is Garfield fixed? I've always wondered about that. What about Snoopy? Does anyone else see a change in modern comics when it comes to issues of 'continuence'? Comics like 'For Better or Worse' and 'Safe Havens' seem to address these issues obliquely, while 'Hi and Lois' and 'Wizard of Id' and 'Blondie' exist in some weird temporal stasis. This might be a fun thread to jazz on. What sayeth you, Don?