Friday, June 25, 2004

Fairs for All!

Here's some summer-time fairs around the Portland Area, perhaps one will interest you!
Fun for the kids, friends and family, plus most have reasonable or no entrance fee!
Title link takes you to a Ren Faire near Mt. Hood, There's also the Oregon Country Fair, the Washington County Fair, and last but not least, the Clackamas County Fair. Hey, maybe just take the time to eat some curly fries, a snow cone, and peruse the cow barns!


The Moody Minstrel said...

For me, the biggest danger of the Oregon County Fair (or Oregon State Fair, for that matter) was always the craft corner. I've always been a hopeless sucker for handmade items...especially ones that make music.

(Of course, considering that the last three handmade musical instruments I got were given to me by others, I guess either they have the same bug or they just know me really well.)

Seymour said...

Hey Moody, I've got a primo harmonica for you. Unless you have a problem with pubic hair.

Ewwwww, that was in bad taste (cough, cough) even for me. I apologise (spit, hawk, spit). Now where's my mouthwash?

The Moody Minstrel said...


Oh, go eat some hash granola with biodiesel-flavored soy bean milk, you unwashed, long-haired hippy SCUM!!!!!!!!!

(Actually, I like fairs too...but I only go to 'em for the rodeos...and the sheep)

Seymour said...

Its typed, Hippy-Scum; no need to captivate the Caps Lock!

Besides, I hear there is a burgeoning Hippy movement in Japan right now, up North in Hokkido (2 k's?). They don't mind the sweet taste of pubic hair, why should you?